Sacking Jose Mourinho is not the solution to the Man United woes

The Portuguese manager has his job on the line, and the rumours of his sack are becoming plausible with every passing day

As Mourinho’s time at Real Madrid drew to a close, many expected the tactician to take the helm at Chelsea which he did. Many didn’t know that Sir Alex Ferguson and the United board were pondering a successor for the Scottish manager.

While Sir Alex chose a fellow Scot former Everton manager David Moyes as his successor, the ideal candidate featured on live betting for majority of fans was Jose Mourinho. He had the pedigree of a United manager and ticked all the boxes.

David Moyes did not even stay for a year before his sack. Then, Dutchman Louis Van Gaal was brought in as a replacement. While United fared better, they lacked direction. An FA Cup win wasn’t enough to save him from the axe.

And the Special One came in. It was all funfair. It looked as though the love story had been written even before they met. Three premier league matches later, United were back to square one.

In his maiden season, the Portuguese won three trophies. However, the fans wanted more. They wanted the attacking moves. They wanted the United way. They wanted everything! It is fair to say that Mourinho has improved United compared to the past two managers, but to whom much is given even more is expected.

In a recent post, the Mirror claimed that the Manchester United manager is set to be sacked irrespective of the result against Newcastle.


Jose Mourinho one among few managers in the world who can bring back the good days to Old Trafford. He has the track record of making average teams look great and win titles just like he did in his first season.

The Portuguese has the charm to make an underperforming group a world class team like he showed at Madrid.

The man has his own share of bad sides. However, a closer look at him would tell you he really wants to be successful at United. If the board had listened to him and acquired the likes of Ivan Perisic, Sergej Milinkovic, Marko Arnautovic, Harry Maguire, and Toby Alderweireld, United wouldn’t be in this mess.

The presence of Matic, Mata, Fred, Sergej Milinkovic, Herrera, and Fellaini would mean Pogba can be easily left out of a team when the manager really sees him as a lid on the potentials of the team. The defence would have been a sensation with the addition of Harry Maguire and Toby Alderweireld.

All over the media, the Portuguese tactician is being compared with Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. But, these are managers who have their preferred players signed almost all the time. The only players City and Liverpool didn’t sign were those who their clubs never released or chose a different club.

The United board need to create an atmosphere that gives the manager a better say within the club, like that given to Sir Alex Ferguson. They need a manager who can stick around and form a cult figure.

Right now, United need Jose Mourinho, not a sack!