Why Man United may not be able to compete with Man City – Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, has laid bare why run-away League leaders Manchester City might continue to dominate the Premier League, with claims that they will be unstoppable as long as they continue to spend big in the transfer window, this is according to report.

Mourinho received tongue-lashes for failing to reach the quarter finals of the Champions League despite being one of the biggest spenders in Europe. United’s only chance at a trophy this season is the FA Cup, which has the likes of Chelsea and Tottenham in contention.

Manchester United spent the excess of £140m in the last summer transfer window while their arc rivals Manchester City spent £221.5M on the signing of players. However, since his appointment as the manager of United, Mourinho has expended £291.3m to fortify his team while Guardiola has spent £365.85m and the difference here can just buy a quality player for the Red Devils.

Speaking after their Champions League defeat to Sevilla, Mourinho who claimed that Guardiola inherited a better squad than he did two years ago, attributed the Citizens apparent success to the enormous amount they spent on their squad.

He said: “If the clubs that are in better situation than us, if they stop investing and we keep investing – not just in spending, but also in information and time – we are side by side. But if they keep investing the same or more than us, it’s difficult. It’s as simple as that.

“We will try but the reality is that some clubs, they were more ready to win. Other clubs are not ready to win. One thing is to go for the jugular and another is to build a different process.”

Manchester United will play Brighton in the English FA Cup but they are favourites for the title as it is given that their biggest rivals Man City are out of the competition.