Why Alexis Sanchez is not playing well at Man United, Arsene Wenger reveals

Arsene Wenger has revealed why Alexis Sanchez is flopping at Manchester United.

Sanchez stalled over signing a new deal with Arsenal and he forced his way out of the Emirates. The Gunners swapped him with Henrikh Mkhitaryan in the January transfer window but the Chilean has been dubbed as flop following his dismal form.

He fell behind Anthony Martial in the selection pecking order of the club recently but he has played in the stead of Romelu Lukaku, who has been banjaxed with injury.

The Chile attacker has scored just once this term and three goals in the League since joining from Arsenal, failing to justify his bogus wage bill.


Wenger spoke to beIN sport, and the former Arsenal manager revealed why the player is experiencing a dip in form.

“I believe he has lost confidence,” Wenger told beIN Sports . “The strength of Alexis Sanchez is to take initiative to dribble and to take people on.

“Those are the players who are most vulnerable when they lose confidence their game is based on that and having that feeling to take initiative, he has lost that slowly.

“Since the start of the season he had a high level of physical energy but he has lost that as well. ‘Certainly he is refreshed now because Mourinho left him out for a while.”