Unai Emery reveals why Arsene Wenger failed at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger’s style of approach breathed life in the Gunners frontline and technical area.

It structured part of what Arsenal’s footballing culture is today however, it also ruined their influence in Europe, leaving them most vulnerable to opponents, says Unai Emery.

When the Spaniard took the helm at the club, he shrugged off talks that wrote him off as a brilliant successor capable of birthing ideas that will not only heal the club’s wounds, but propel them for greater success.

And it worked, Emery got Arsenal on their feet from their backs, and though their first two loses against lifters of the Premier League silverware, put a heavy weight of doubts in the heart of fans, his long stretch of wins, later, has won him plenty of accolades.

Arsenal struggled for years balancing the lever between their frontlines and backlines, and they suffered for it when they slumped to their lowest last season under Wenger.

Emery believes it was where his predecessor got it all wrong at the club. Their defence was in ruins, leading to a worsening decline, and further from the Premier League trophy.

“What I want is to unite both essences and be more competitive. Arsenal was in decline. We had to stop it and start climbing.” Said Emery.

Emery’s subtle swipe at the 69-year-old, perhaps may seem rude as a manager, but he’s definitely dished out the truth.

So far, the Gunners have been doing superbly under the former Sevilla boss.