Unai Emery identifies perfect midfield partnership for Arsenal

Arsenal robbed Liverpool of every ball on the pitch in their Sunday clash, pushing and pressing until they nicked an equaliser late on in the closing stages of their Premier League encounter at the Emirates.

It was mooted the race for the Premier League title was a three-horse race. However, that has since changed with Arsenal picking up the pace gradually, and every passing game, a growing threat.

The spine of Arsenal’s performance could easily be credited to midfield duo Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira, who strongly pillared the Gunners centre.

Torreira’s threatening runs caused a rippling effect in the Reds defence, as Liverpool had to be on the balls of their feet every time the Uruguayan launched an assault with the ball.

Arsenal’s midfield couldn’t have been more sublime with the paired duo(Xhaka and Torreira).

Liverpool were easily cornered into a difficult situation at the Emirates, limiting their play. Threading into the Reds defence was quite easy for Torreira, and Xhaka’s partnership no doubt created a balance at the middle of the park.

Emery’s tack has considerably soaked into the players and that balance in their midfield that has evaded them for year during Wenger’s era, the Spaniard may have nailed it.

Xhaka and Torreira’s pairing is “very important for our balance that we have two midfielders like Xhaka and Torreira because the balance in midfield is also important,” remarked Emery, post-match.

The Gunners 1-1 draw against Reds Liverpool will be a springboard for continued success.