This player is responsible for Man United problems, Phil Neville reveals

Paul Pogba has made the daily rounds and this time not for a brilliant showoff.

The Frenchman used to be a reliable guard at United’s centre. When opponents ram into him, they get beat off by his sturdiness and resilience.

But that part of him has gradually faded, and it is unclear if he is playing his heart out for United.

Pogba was linked with an exit to former club Juventus and La Liga holders Barcelona in the summer. The move never materialised.

United could have belted the Saints any given day in yesterday’s Premier League clash, but their languid display made them settle for a draw.

Paul Neville has lashed out at the French midfielder and blamed him for the 2-2 draw against Southampton.

Neville was hugely disappointed at his performance and did not spare him any fancy words.

The former Manchester United player admitted Pogba was the root of the problem and must take responsibility for his actions.

United is slowly rotting away in their defence and their midfield cannot hold for long. Pogba, like a needle in a haystack, is a small part of the problem, one Jose Mourinho must quickly fix or risk getting the boot.