Stephan Lichtsteiner has revealed why he should be played ahead of Bellerin

Stephan Lichtsteiner has revealed that he is ready to knuckle down at Arsenal and fight for his place in Emery’s team-sheet.

The 34-year-old has been limited to only one Premier League appearance for the Gunners since the start of the new season.

Nonetheless the former Juventus ace has refuted claims he is steaming closer to the declining stages of his footballing career.

Lichtsteiner is widely praised for his slaloming runs, as well as his stamina and athleticism.

But the Swiss international has been a shadow of a player since joining in July.

The 34-year-old claimed he has got a body pack with enough fuel to keep him going at Arenal.

“If I have to admit that I cannot keep the level of the last few years, then it is time.

“But then I will not only retire from the Swiss national team, but finish my career. Based purely on performance data I have the physicality of a 28-year-old.” Lichtsteiner said when asked if he considered retirement.

Lichtsteiner added his move to join Arsenal this summer happened because he chased after a more challenging league.

“It doesn’t irritate me, as in 2011, when I moved to Juventus, I wanted to join a big club. I was looking for a demanding challenge in a new league.

“That’s why I knew from the very beginning at Arsenal that I had to fight for the regular spot against Hector Bellerin.” Explained the 34-year-old.