Solskjaer explains why Jose Mourinho failed with Paul Pogba

Man United interim boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has explained what he’s doing with Paul Pogba that Jose Mourinho repeatedly failed to do.

Mourinho was relieved of his duty as the manager of the Red Devils recently over his inability to churn out good results for the side.

Barring the strings of poor results, Mourinho also failed to keep the dressing room of the club at peace, with reported feud between him and some of his key player including Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez.

Pogba seem to have found his rhythm under interim boss Solskjaer. The French midfielder has registered four assists and scored a brace in the last two games of United.

The new boss earlier revealed Antonio Valencia will be the Captain of United until the end of the season. He was also quizzed on what he has done that has improved Pogba.

“I think you put it the wrong way, I cannot do anything for their performances on the pitch, Paul has done it, my chats with Anthony, Rom, Alexis, I’m here to give them on the path and it’s up to them to do it on the pitch.

“I don’t agree that I’ve done that [improved his game] with Paul. It’s up to them when they get a chance that’s the name of the game as a footballer, you’ve got to do it yourself, I gave some guidelines of course on expression, freedom of expression but that’s how I’ve always been as a manager you can’t tell what the players to do in this position.

“They are here for a reason it’s up to them to use their imagination and creativity just enjoy playing for this club, that’s the best time of your life, but it’s not a bad time to be manager for a while.”

Solskjaer appeared modest in his responses about his role so far. He was further quizzed if he should take the credit for the player and he said:

“I think Paul’s a top top player. He’s one of the best top top players in the world, attacking wise he’s done really well but he’s a big lad, can win headers, tackles, he’s been the same as the others

“The attitude has been perfect and that’s key, you should be tired towards the end of every single game he’s been top class and we’re looking to build a team around of course but there are so many quality players.”