Shocking: Jurgen Klopp make case for Loris Karius following newest blunder

German and Liverpool shot-stopper Loris Karius has suffered another backlash from fans after his recent blunders between the sticks for the Reds.

Karius made another error for Liverpool during their pre-season friendly clash with Transmere. They won 3-2.

The Reds goalkeeper has been the buzz of the media after he made two howlers in the Champions League final clash against Real Madrid in Kiev, which ended 3-1 on the night.

The nightmares from that disappointing encounter is unabated and is still a solid reminder to Reds fans that they are heavily lacking in goal.

Nonetheless, boss Jurgen Klopp has sprung up to his defence and albeit he’s a bit disappointed that it happened, he remarked that mistakes in football are inevitable.

“Yeah, it will probably happen for a while until he has a few fantastic games, that is how the situation is,” Klopp said. “We cannot change that. Our job is to perform and you do what you do and that is part of the deal.

“Yes he could have made that save even though the shot was not easy to deal with.”

Klopp appealed that he should be given enough time to recover from what happened in their European final against Real Madrid.

On one side, the German boss claimed that it might have been Karius’s fault for the first goal, but James Milner and Pedro Chirivella deserve a part of the blame for the second goal.