Shock as Man United players tacitly call for the sack of Jose Mourinho

United’s grim performance against Liverpool on Sunday afternoon, leaves them light years apart from Jurgen Klopp’s men.

Mourinho had almost fisted disappointment in the guts when Jesse Lingard’s finish cancelled Sadio Mane’s effort out. The Red Devils were only yards apart from stealing a point at Anfield, but late substitute Xherdan Shaqiri crushed their hopes with a late brace, pushing them 19 points further ahead of United.

Red Devil Paul Pogba was trimmed out of the Match of the Day fixture, raising many eyebrowed suspicions over his wearing relationship with Portuguese boss Mourinho.

Mourinho left Pogba on the sidelines, while his team were heavily trumped by a very organised Reds side,who pummelled United’s backfield with waves of attacks.

Despite setting up with a back five and later switching to a traditional back four, United struggled to keep Klopp’s men at bay.

Everything has turned soured at the “Theatre of Dreams”. Though Mourinho has been panned for United’s lackadaisical attitude on the pitch, former Red Devil Paul Ince believes his players have turned against him.

He balked at their performance, however, he is of the view that the players want to get Mourinho sacked.

“It’s crystal clear to me that the entire club is in disarray, from top to bottom.” Said Ince, who added that it is impossible for United to catch up with Liverpool.