Santi Cazorla reveals sad injury news amid uncertainty over return

Arsenal have never lacked quality on their side but the injuries picked up by the Gunners and the duration of their absence always turns out to be their greatest undoing.

Spain international Santi Cazorla has revealed the cause of his lengthy absence and his possible return date to the Club, according to reports.

Cazorla was key to Arsenal’s run of form at the beginning of last season until an ankle injury scuppered the player’s season when Arsenal thumped Ludogrets in a Champions League game in the October of last season.

He was speculated to be absent for only six months, it became seven months and eight, and the ambidexter but diminutive midfielder is still on the recovery pane, while the date of his return is uncertain.

At the close of last season, it was speculated that Cazorla would never play again but he has allayed fears over those untrue concerns, revealing that he’ll be back in the game soon.

He spoke with  Onda Cero, he said: “I don’t know how much time it will take, but I’m convinced that I’ll be back soon. I came to think that I wouldn’t play football again at my level. I left the operating room, all good, and then I relapsed again.

“I don’t have any force or muscle mass in the tendon. I need time. I can’t pinpoint firm recovery dates in case I don’t hit them.”

He went further to reveal the nature of the injury that has stalled his return to the leather game.

“Apparently a bacteria in the tissue was the root of the problem. They didn’t have a clear idea of the problem I had, but it seems to have been sorted now. I came to see going to the operating room as natural.

“The doctors tell me they hardly ever see cases like mine. It’s an unusual thing for a sportsman.”

Arsenal have been bedeviled in recent seasons with injuries as that. Tomas Rosicky was another talented Arsenal player whose career was cut short by an injury. Another player being threatened by injury is Jack Wilshere and there is now a general belief that this incidences is more than just a coincidence.

Cazorla was sorely missed by Arsenal last season. His absence saw Arsenal played without cohesion in midfield as Wenger struggled to forge a formidable partnership either with Coquelin and Xhaka, or Xhaka and Ramsey.

We hope he’ll be back soon. We love Santi.