Official: “I’m here to help the team,” Assist king confirm why he completed Chelsea transfer

When tears rained on Cesc Fabregas’s face following his last game at Stamford Bridge against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup, it was clear Chelsea would be missing a great talent.

Monaco had been pressing in their attempt to sign the Spanish midfielder since the transfer window went underway.

Fabregas has now joined the threatened side over this period. The 31-year-old will play for the Ligue One side for the next three years.

Fabregas who joined Chelsea from Barcelona in 2014, was pivotal during Antonio Conte’s 2016-2017 winning season as Blues boss.

Describing his reunion with former teammate and Monaco boss Thierry Henry, the Spain international said it was ” a new project” and that he was thrilled about starting right way.

He said: “I’m here to help the team, I’m looking forward to starting. I am very excited.”

Monaco, who are still in the relegation zone, are yet to table the player’s fee, according to BBC Sport. However, they are going to foot the bill through paying “bonuses to Chelsea linked to his performances”

Vice-president Vadim Vasilyev is pleased to welcome the midfielder. The Monaco chief said: “We are very pleased to welcome Cesc Fabregas to AS Monaco, a world-class player and a great professional, whose arrival demonstrates the ambition of the club.”