Not Ramsey: Key Arsenal attacker on the verge sealing exit transfer

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has turned down a chance to join French Ligue One holders Paris Saint-Germain this month.

Paris Saint-Germain are looking to add more fuel to their attack this campaign after talisman and world record signing Neymar sustained an injury to his leg.

Neymar broke his metatarsals and has will the two legs of the European Champions League fixtures against Premier League big boys Manchester United.

PSG boss Thomas Tuchel has handpicked Ozil to fill in Neymar’s shoes until he is ruled in for a return into the French side. But Ozil has turned down offers from the French elite club.

PSG want Ozil for a loan stint. They see the expensive midfielder as the creator they need in place of the injured Neymar. And splashing the same sum Arsenal could demand they fork out will not put any strain on the club’s finances. The French side have deep pockets and won’t hesitate to splash their resources on the player.

Paris Saint-Germain had approached Ozil according to German publication Suddeutshe Zeitung, hoping he would agree to be farmed out.

But Ozil has put down their offers and will not be moving out of Arsenal anytime soon. But the midfielder is still struggling to make his way into the team though.

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