Not Goretzka, Arsenal agree deal with talented creative midfielder but on one condition

Having played in a fully packed 60,000+ stadium capacity against Barcelona in 2011 and then found himself in front of a scanty crowd against Manchester City in an U-23 game six years after, only few players can empathize with Jack Wilshere in the ocean of obscurity he has found himself.

Once a toast of the English press, Wilshere was adjudged to be the future of English football but he now finds himself further down the pecking order of midfielders at Arsenal, and has been told by Arsene Wenger to up his ante lest he won’t be handed a new contract at the club.

Wilshere allowed his emotions to get the better of him after he was sent off for engaging in a brawl with a City player in the tunnel, following on his on-field charge on the same player which culminated in a red card for the Arsenal man. Wilshere was caught laughing as he strolled to the sidelines but Wenger has stated categorically that he must show a level of consistency if he is to stay at the club.

“If he gets back to his best and wants to stay, we have to sit down later in the season,” he said. “I don’t rule that out.

“But today in the football world you need to be a consistent presence and what is at stake for Jack is not his quality, his talent or his determination, it is whether he is a consistent presence at the top.

“I’m open to a loan move. We have honest conversations. I’m open to what is the best for him. He is at the stage of his career where he needs to play and I can’t guarantee him today that.”

Wilshere has not been himself since his calfbone injury in the 2015/16 season,and that has seen the likes of Mohamed Elneny and Granit Xhaka oust Wilshere out of the first XI, the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have also played vital roles in the midfield, with the latter playing in the right wing back position as well.

Crystal Palace are back for Wilshere after their failed bid last summer and it is in the player’s best interest that he joins them, as he assured of regular playing time and would be closer to his family whilst he tries to play himself into Wenger’s heart.