Maurizio Sarri reveals why Liverpool lost to Napoli in Champions League

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has revealed why Liverpool lost to Napoli in the Champions League on Wednesday per report.

Sarri led Chelsea to a win against Vidi in the Europa League Cup on Thursday but the win came on the backdrop of a very tough game for the Blues.

Before the Europa League game, Chelsea had dropped four points in the Premier League against West Ham and Liverpool – Sarri is beginning to complain about the schedule of the club.

Sarri also made a case for Liverpool,  who conceded to defeat to his former club.

“The atmosphere at Stamford Bridge was amazing, the crowd is so close to the pitch. The atmosphere in Naples, however, is unique. It’s not easy to play every three days, players can become tired and I like to think that Liverpool were exhausted against Napoli after playing against us in the Premier League.” He said after Chelsea win over Vidi in the Europa Cup.

Liverpool had maintained an impeccable record in the league before the game against Chelsea but they will be looking to pick up the pieces when they host Man City this Sunday.

Meanwhile, Chelsea will be hosted by Southampton and they will be hoping to come-off the game with a win.