Man Utd star Paul Pogba reveals what Solskjaer has done differently from Mourinho

Controversial Man United star Paul Pogba has the change Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has brought to the club.

Under Solskjaer, United have won their last five games, with four of those wins coming in the Premier League.

United are now three points adrift Arsenal who are in fifth place on the log and six points adrift fourth placed Chelsea.

Within this period, Pogba has scored four goals and provided four assists in his last four games in the League.

Pogba received heavy tongue lashes for failing to step up his game during the reign of Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese manager blamed him for the poor form of the squad at that time and he was even dubbed a virus in the squad.

Surprisingly, the World Cup winner won the Man United player of the month award and he has revealed how the Solskjaer psyched them up.

“Obviously it’s always good to win,” said Pogba.

“We are a team that at the start of the season wasn’t the best so having five wins in a row is always good for the head.

“And we are Manchester United, so that should be a basic thing for us.

“But obviously we know that the Premier League is hard and we have a lot of games but those five games give us as well confidence.

“Mentally we are ready, we are strong and for the rest of the season we just want to do the same and carry on like that.”

The older brother of Man United midfielder Mathias Pogba has blamed Mourinho for the poor form of the player at the start of the season.

“The problem was Mourinho, right down the line,” the 28-year-old told RMC Sport.

“In the locker room, outside the locker room…everything.

“I know my brother, and you tell him, go, play, the rest, he will do it.

”From what we see of Mourinho, he always wants to be the maestro – the centre of attention.

“Paul, he does not even calculate that aspect, you respect him, he will respect you, you trust him, he will perform for you in big matches.”