Man United to table mammoth bid for World Cup hero

Manchester United hit a big wall in the summer when, despite despatching enough money to beef up their backfield, missed out on a number of good names.

Their backfield has taken a sudden, dull and threatening bend away from the vigorous vibe it oozed last season, when they nailed the second spot in the Premier League, knocking rivals Chelsea and Arsenal out of the top four.

United need to cover plenty of lost grounds at the turn of the year, or risk losing their Champions League qualification spot next season.

Among the many fixes that needs to be done, United need to patch the leaks in their defensive lines.

The Red Devils boasted the one of the best backfields last season, but have come up short this season, conceding more than the Premier League’s big five.

The club is sailing on violent waters, and could submerge beyond recovery if nothing’s done. Top brass Ed Woodward, understands this and has started a fast hunt for a solid and formidable defender in front of goal.

Real Madrid centre-back Raphael Varane is locked in as a good fit, and it is understood Woodward is keen, and willing to pull all stops to get him to play for the Red Devils when the transfer window flings open in 31 days time.