Man United to announce the arrival of Andrea Berta

Manchester United are a refurbished side at the moment since they introduced former striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer into the side.

But United still need solid stitching and getting the right tools in the box is what is very important if they are to compete strongly for the Premier League title next term.

United lost an arm when they appointed Jose Mourinho without getting a sporting director. The Red Devils made misguided choices in the transfer market last summer and have yet to compensate themselves for their huge mistake.

Old Trafford chiefs are still scouring for a sporting director. However, United may yet be close in halting their search.

The Red Devils have spotted out Andrea Berta as their man. Berta could inject a new shift to the side, after doing so, successfully at Atletico Madrid.

The Italian has been well lavished with praises over the massive transformation of Diego Simeone’s side and United are keen on reeling the 47-year-old in.

RB Leipzig’s Paul Mitchell was already in the slot for the job, according to the Mirror, but United now have a change of heart and want to pursue Berta instead.

But United will sweat a great drop in haggling for a good deal for Berta, and tempting Atleti to release him.


    • That is de simple truth about de team, they keep on finding nice players for other team to buy

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