Man United to agree deal for South-American star

United delivered a slabby performance against La Liga side Valencia in their Champions League clash in Spain on Tuesday. Though United are through to the knockout round of the competition, it is too glaring they need to be patched properly before next term.

United’s defence were threadbare against the opposition’s frontline, and the final scoreline at 2-1 completed the damage to Jose Mourinho’s side.

Mourinho and Ed Woodward couldn’t shore up United’s backfield before the season went underway. Both men couldn’t haggle  a good deal for the targets they handpicked in the summer. Woodward wouldn’t go against United’s policy and he wouldn’t use any backdoor approach to sign any players.

But, all that could change when January come around in a few weeks. United want to strengthen their backline, though they have the funds to splash for big names, it is unlikely they can get any club to let go of these names.

The Red Devils have decided to settle for a player they are sure grabbing him won’t put a strain in any transfer negotiations.

Ligue One and Bordeaux star Pablo Nascimento Castro has been handpicked by Old Trafford as a potential target next term.

The defender has been the backbone of the French outfit, and his performances so far have caught the eyes of the English giants.

A move for Pablo has been gossiped to happen around next year.