Man United have already signed the new Paulo Dyabala

United chief Jose Mourinho may no longer have to shop for Dybala in January.

Undoubtedly Dybala is known for his pace and his shrewd, perhaps unmatched in his category, but the huge sacks of cash that should be splurged on luring him to Old Trafford could be saved.

Well, now may be the best time to snap him up because his role at Juventus could be stymied, following the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United upcomer Mason Greenwood took the breath out of our chest when he scored against Blackburn in their U-18 clash.

The youngest in Mourinho’s squad that travelled to the US, Greenwood has been hugely praised for his style of play that has been likened to Dybala’s.

The disappointing figure shown by Mourinho after a United’s play gone wrong shows how much his team lacks in the attacking department.

Greenwood may not operate in the same level has Dybala, but under good tutelage could be nurtured into one of the best attacker in Europe.

His slaloming run at the tag end of the second half, before walloping an 87th winner was phenomenal.

Pablo Dybala is a menace on the pitch and can wreck havoc when given acres of space to showoff, but Greenwood packs more. His style of play echoes beyond being the best, but working as a team.

The Reds had a sluggish start to their Premier League campaign, but have managed to bounce back after losing 3-0 on the night to Tottenham.