Jurgen Klopp subtly blast Jose Mourinho over ideology

Despite all that is said of Chelsea being favorites for the title, Manchester United are potential treble winner (League Cup, Community Shield and Europa Cup) but this can be related to the stellar defending of the Red Devils.

Mourinho’s men have conceded the second least goals to Tottenham in the League albeit they score lesser goals than their rivals, but Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has drop the ball on Mourinho’s style for defending claiming it is easier for his defenders to concede less, reports the Metro.

Liverpool have the opportunity to move three points clear off Manchester City and four points clear of Manchester United when they play Watford today. A win will somewhat take some pressure off them and increases their chances of Champions League qualification.

Liverpool and Arsenal are level in the number of goals conceded in the League having conceded 42 thus far. Should they not qualify for Champions League, it would be blamed on their porous defense.

Klopp shaded Mourinho’s tactics to justify why his team concedes more goals in his counter-attacking system like Man City, Tottenham and Arsenal.

‘If you defend deep then you have a lot of legs and help around, that’s how it is. The first goal last week, this is not an excuse, but it can happen with a misjudgment and a counter-attack,’ said Klopp.

‘A centre-half for a top team is playing with a lot of space at the back. That’s how Tottenham act, how City act and sometimes how Arsenal act. Manchester United are for sure a bit different.

‘You have to involve a lot of players in offensive things usually, you cannot be offensive with just two players in a counter-attack when there are already eight from the other team in their own half or box. So of course it is more difficult.

Which ever ideology of football a manager likes, they should use in as much as it gives them the desired result. If Mourinho has conceded less goals using this system and is in the running for some titles, Klopp can as well drop his pride and take a leave from the Special One.

United will play Celta Vigo in the Europa League semi-final first leg this thursday.

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  1. Ok the bottom line is the results and the final league position. You can add trophies too if you want too.

    If united don’t win the EL and don’t finish in the top 4 but liverpool do, what will that say about the special one.

    The football is boring and for a manager who has the most expensive squad in world football he should be doing better.

    Klopp was asked a question and he gave his thoughts. Another words united park the bus and are a rich mans West Brom.

    If Liverpool can sort their defencive errors out we will be fighting for the title. We are top of the top 6 or 7 mini league but struggle when teams park the bus. If we crack that we will be champions.

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