Jurgen Klopp reveals how long it might take Fabinho to adapt to Liverpool style

When Fabinho, 24, was snapped up from Monaco two months ago, fans had anticipated seeing him being injected straight into the Reds starting lineup. However, things have failed to toss well for the holding midfielder.

Fabino will continue to be a bit-part player, maybe for “half a year”, according to boss Jurgen Klopp.

Klopp believes Fabinho is not ready to pull his own weight for the team.

According to Klopp, “it needs time” and not something that should be rushed into.

Throwing Fabinho into the heart of his midfield, isn’t the problem or him ready to break his balls on the pitch. But the real bottleneck here is that he could destabilise the Reds style of play.

On why he has yet to play his 44 million pounds man, Klopp told FourFourTwo: “It’s not different between him and other players. It’s really not complicated, he just needs to get used to it.

“It’s about positioning, it’s about reaction, about spaces defensively, closing them, offensively using them.

“It’s a football team with a specific way of playing. It needs time, and they were all used to other football teams. So you have natural runs in a team.”

Klopp added: “There’s no time to say “I give you that, or that”, but it will happen. Because the game is so quick and intense, it needs to get natural…

“Three or five weeks sound like a long time in football, but to improve something you can give half a year, to really make the next step. That’s it.”