Jurgen Klopp delivers injury news on key Liverpool duo

Jurgen Klopp’s backline have been plagued with injuries this campaign.

Defenders Joe Gomez and Joel Matip have long been sidelined after the former suffered a knock to his ligament and the latter a fractured collar bone.

Matip has gone under the knife and is already making recovery, according to manager.

Gómez on the other hand has yet to hit the training ground, however he will soon.

“Joel is maybe a bit closer, I’m not sure, but hopefully he moves completely normal. We have to see how the bone healing is, that’s always how it is when something [has] broke, but from his movements it looks nearly normal.

Klopp, who spoke during a pre-match conference, said however that Matip may take the long way back getting back into the the team.

The German tactician added: “The good thing is Joel can do all the fitness work already since a week or so ago, so that means when he will be back he will be 100 per cent fit. Then he has to get rhythm and everything will be fine.”

Gómez has been out of a Premier League game since 5 December, while Matip has been out on the sidelines since 11 December.