Jose Mourinho reveals Premier League title favourites, reveals why United are not among

Jose Mourinho has claimed Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea are the biggest candidates to win the Premier League title, per reports.]

United have endured a worrying start in the season that has reduced them to eight spot on the table, and nine points adrift League leaders Manchester City and Liverpool. Nonetheless, the manager of United Mourinho believes his side would compete for a place in the top four.

The Red Devils will take on Bournemouth this weekend but they seem to have shaken off their poor form, with impressive display over Everton last weekend.

A win against the Cherries will definitely boost the morale of Mourinho boys – the Portuguese manager had this to say when he was quizzed about where his team would be after December.

‘I think we will be in a better position. ‘I always say that in the end of the season you play 19 matches at home and away and it doesn’t matter when but the reality is that the way the fixtures are coming sometimes they have an influence in the moment we had a double fixture away Burnley, Watford now we have a double fixtures away with Bournemouth and Manchester City.

‘We will have Juventus away before Manchester City, we will have Valencia away before Liverpool in this part of the season we play away against possibly the three biggest candidates for the title, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City so the calendar was not nice to us. ‘But I think by the end of December, which is the end of the first half of the Premier League, we are not going to be in the position we are now. ‘We will be in a better position.’