James Milner reveals bitter rivalry with Manchester United

Rivalry between clubs could be traced back to not just fans, but the true root–which is family.

James Milner was caught in the web of a strong rivalry between Leeds and Manchester United during his teenage days.

The 32-year-old said he was forbade from wearing a reds shirt by his dad, claiming that Leeds fan were brought up to have a big disdain against United fans.

Milner never wore a red shirt until he got a call up to play for England. And then when he signed for Liverpool.

He continues to laud his former club Manchester City with praises and has caged every form of accolades for United.

Milner told FourFourTwo: “It’s true, yes.

“Obviously Leeds fans are brought up to dislike Manchester United, as rivals, so red wasn’t allowed.

“I didn’t have any red shirts or anything, and the first time I ever wore it was probably for England.

“He did joke when I signed for Liverpool that it was the first time he’d be happy to see me regularly in red…”

Liverpool maintained their 100 percent record in the Premier League and thumped Ligue One Champions in their Champions League clash in a five goal thriller.

The Parisian were romped 3-2 on the night. Meanwhile City were shocked by Lyon at the Ethihad, losing 2-1 to the French outfit.