“How we will beat Arsenal” Maurizio Sarri reveals tactics

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has revealed his plans for the crunch tie against Arsenal, per reports.

The Blues have traveled to North London where they will take on Arsenal in the Premier League.

Maurizio Sarri and Unai Emery had just assumed the position of manager at Chelsea and Arsenal respectively, and the Italian boss got the better of the Spanish tactician in August.

Speaking to the press ahead of the game, Sarri revealed his team is working to stop Arsenal attacking threats from the wide areas.

He explained: “This match for us is a risk and it is an opportunity. It’s a risk of course because they are doing very well at home, so it’s a very difficult match and a very dangerous match for us.

“The match is very difficult because they are really a very good team. In the offensive phase I think they are one of the best teams in the Premier League. They are really very dangerous.

“In August it was a very different match. They changed in the last seven or eight matches.

“But we learned that they have really very dangerous movements in the offensive phase, especially when our full-back is out of the line to cover the ball.

“So we have to be careful. We have worked during this week on this. They are really very dangerous.”

The biggest weakness of Chelsea is their inability to score enough goals but Sarri remains confident they would thump Arsenal.

“I think we can be dangerous against these opponents but we have to defend with a very high level of attention and application for 95 minutes.” He added.