‘How to win trophies’ – Arsene Wenger advices Mauricio Pochettino on ending trophy drought

Tottenham Hotspur are emerging as the toughest club in North London but despite their recent form over the years, they have been unable to come-off a season with a trophy.

Speaking ahead of the derby clash between Arsenal and Tottenham, Arsene Wenger has told Mauricio Pochettino’s Lilywhites that to be able to win trophies, they must overcome first the ‘fear’ of not winning trophies.

Pochettino took over the reigns of Tottenham in 2014 and the club has grown from strength to strength since then. He led them to finishing last season as runners up, they also qualified ahead of Real Madrid in the same Champions league group but they have not won a trophy since 2008.

There is the certain battle for supremacy between the fans of Tottenham and Arsenal but after Tottenham ended above  Arsenal in the Premier league last season and appear to be able to do so this term, so much is expected of the side.

Albeit Arsene Wenger is yet to win the Premier league for over a decade and has never won the Champions league, the last four years has seen them won three FA Cups.

Wenger was quizzed the secret of winning a trophy and he said: “By keeping your nerves and getting the players to focus on what is important.

“At some stages, by fighting a little bit against your inhibitions – the fear that you won’t get over the line. Basically you need to focus on what is important and not focus on the trophy too much.”

Wenger has been heavily criticised for under-performing at Arsenal. Even before he extended his contract, a lot of fans have called for his resignation over his inability to win the major titles.


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