How mediocre football players benefit from playing in England

While the Premier League remains arguably the toughest  and most attractive in the World,rife reports have indicated it is also the most lucrative for players, from the top to bottom echelons of English football.

Although Real Madrid, a Spanish club, have been named the richest football club in the world, their wage bill is not the  biggest in Europe. Averagely, the first team players of the Premier League earn a staggering $3,935,197 – the said amount is almost double of what is obtaining in the Serie A and a third higher that the Spanish League.

The Premier League have the most lucrative TV-rights packages ,this leaves them with huge sums and put them at an advantage when he comes to the signing of players – the billionaire owners are also willing to pay up to double or triple what players in other League are worth. The said inflow of money transcends all the cadre of English football, per Sporting Intelligence report.

“One Scandinavian team we met last year were looking to sell one of their brightest young stars to raise some income,” wrote 21st Club’s head of football intelligence, Omar Chaudhuri. “Our objective valuation of the player—based on similar players in the market—assessed him to be worth €6-8 million.” But Chaudhuri said the Scandinavian team’s sporting director turned to him and said that, “But if we sold him to an English club, we could maybe get double that.”

Many top-notch footballers are currently playing in the second tier of English football ( Championship). Just recently, former Chelsea star Mikel Obi left Tianjin Teda of China and joined Middlesbrough in what is believed to be a lucrative deal, per ESPN.

The former Chelsea star may be earning the average championship salary but that will definitely be much more than what is obtainable in the Serie B or Segunda division of Leagues in Italy and Spain respectively.

Putting the European Leagues side by side, we discovered it takes an average of £10.7 million to sign a player in England while  £4.5 m is likely to be expended in signing players in the Spain or Italy – this means up to 2.3 times the amount amount spent in Spain or Italy is spent in England even when the quality of players in the La Liga and Serie A may just be better.

For instance, West Ham and Girona are rated at the same level but the latter are expected to get the better of the former if they are scheduled to play. However, the average pay of a player of West Ham is £3.2 m while that of Girona is only £700,00.

“The English team is effectively paying over four times as much for the same level of performance,” further claimed.