Good news for Chelsea on deal for playmaker wanted by Real Madrid

Eden Hazard’s future continue to worry crowds of Chelsea fans and supporters out there, as many of them continue to wonder when he will announce his commitment to Chelsea for the long haul.

Hazard has remained mute on the issue each time he’s been questioned about it in post-match conferences and interviews.

Chelsea will count themselves a tad-bit lucky to have convinced him to stay when pressures to join Real Madrid was on a high.

Hazard claimed he had received offers to join the European giants in the summer, but the bigwigs at Chelsea and Maurizio Sarri’s pleading words persuaded him to remain at the club.

Sketching this Chelsea team with Hazard cropped out of the picture this season might perhaps be distorted, because they certainly have reached roof level in the Premier League and Europa competitions given how much they are on the ball, with Hazard in the detail.

The 27-year-old will not leave Stamford Bridge in January when there will be a lot of heckling and hassling over his future.

Hazard contract will terminate in the summer of 2020, and Chelsea plans to make him stay have yielded nothing yet.

The 27-year-old will not be rushed into making any hasty decision over his future at the club and has revealed that he will talk about it when the Premier League season comes to an end next year.

But for now, Blues fans can be rest assured because Hazard is fully committed to playing his heart out for Chelsea this season.