Gonzalo Higuain to Chelsea, Maurizio Sarri breaks report

Chelsea lacked the teeth to bite their opposition last season and looked to have lost the flair that won them the Premier League during Conte’s first stretch as club coach.

Though they started the 2018-19 season brilliantly, they have experience stumps in their attack, save the ‘Hazard moment’ which has helped them snake their way past opponents during times of desperation.

If Argentine goal scoring machine Gonzalo Higuain was successfully wheedle away from Juventus before his loan move to AC Milan this summer, he could have nipped the growing worries over Chelsea’s dimming threats up front.

New boss Sarri revealed he had wished Higuain had joined Chelsea, instead of swapping for a Milan shirt.

Sarri disappointingly felt his move to AC Milan didn’t give the Blues a chance to pounce on the 30-year-old.

Sarri noted that Higuain “was a great deal” and they understood each other well.

“All I can say is that I feel Gonzalo left Napoli too soon. If he had stayed for another season, I think we could’ve been in a condition to win.

“Higuain was a part of the fantastic mechanism we created, we understood each other so well.

“It was perfect synchronicity and the regrets will probably stick with us.

“I miss Higuain a great deal. I miss him because he’ll keep scoring goals until the day he dies.

“He is a goal machine, a systematic and automatic jackpot.” Sarri revealed to Corriere dello Sport.