Done deal: Arsenal identify perfect Aaron Ramsey replacement

Arsenal couldn’t stifle Aaron Ramsey’s exit this summer even if they’d want to following his terrific performance so far.

As the clouds keep rolling away each day, Ramsey’s days at the outfit is now close. Summing his future at the club so far would be “perfect.”

The midfielder will definitely be remembered for his exploits in Arsenal’s FA Cup winning seasons where he scored the winners on two different occasions in the finals.

Flip leaves of that achievement, you still have a few more pages left on his achievements for the north Londoners.

Give the creative midfielder a pass and be sure he’d make something magical out of it. What more is his sharp instincts solely for inflicting injuries on opponents. His keen eyes for goal is one of his admiring qualities that you couldn’t possibly rub off when he swaps outfit in the summer.

Arsenal could hit some difficulties trying to find who will fill his big shoes.

Loanee Denis Suárez actually fits the bill and can comfortably slip into his shoes, though he just a few points short in some areas.

The Barcelona man has got the same creative mind like Ramsey, dictating play even in the most difficult situation. However, scoring goals is where he’d lost some points when pitched alongside Ramsey.

Still, the youngster, despite still adjusting to the Premier League atmosphere, is the best man to give the Ramsey-role at Arsenal.