David Luiz’s advice to out-of-form striker Alvaro Morata, revealed

Alvaro Morata has continued to struggle in finding the back of the net for Chelsea, dimming his chances of regular football  significantly since his comeback under Sarri.

His poor finish in front of goal is uncharacteristic, despite having started strongly in the beginning of last season.

His staggering form could force the club’s hands, but with the Europa League now underway, the former Juventus star may have a chance at redeeming himself.

Chelsea defender David Luiz believes Morata will meet the demanding expectations this new league season, despite scoring just two Premier League goals in five league games.

The Europa League tournament will nudge the striker to pull his socks up.

When a striker misses  sitters or glaring chances, he’ll definitely get hammered at, which can be frustrating for his mojo. But Luiz thinks it is healthy for strikers to feel that way. It makes them tighten their shoes laces and barrel down the field, to stamp their impact in the game.

‘It is a good competition for Alvaro to make an impact, like it will be for everybody,’ Sport.

The defender told Standard Sport: “Forwards live for goals. Playing in the Europa League obviously means more games for us and, therefore, more opportunities for him [Morata] and Giroud to score.

“I’m going to be happy for both Alvaro and Olivier if they find the back of the net. Sometimes they are frustrated if they don’t score, but I tell them, ‘Keep calm, you played a great game’. But it’s good for a striker to have this feeling when they’re not scoring. They have to think this way.”