Confirmed: Liverpool have already signed Philippe Coutinhoo’s replacement

Liverpool have maintained a healthy lead ahead of the competition this campaign heading into the latter half of the season.

But one spot remains to be filled in Klopp’s squad–the berth filled by Philippe Coutinho, before his massive move to join Barcelona last season.

No one has been able to fill the Brazilian’s shoes since he left the outfit for Barcelona, until the arrival of Xherdan Shaqiri.

Shaqiri has shown hints that he could be that player who could nail the berth filled in by Coutinho.

Shaqiri has stepped up the plate and has since racked up six goals and laid on two assists after a last hour move to the Premier League from relegated Premier League side Stoke City.

Finding the position for Shaqiri was quite tricky, admits Klopp who was reluctant to force the player into playing a strange position.

“We did have to find a position for (Shaqiri),” Klopp told Sky Sports in an interview with Gary Neville. “That’s a pretty good one, we tried it in a 4-3-3, he can’t play there yet as a half-space midfielder.

“You don’t want to force a player into a position, you want to show his strengths, not where he isn’t good.

Shaqiri is offensively minded, but Klopp is hopeful he can get that right.

“Xherdan’s main quality is obviously offensive – creating, shooting, finishes, being between the lines – and in a half-space position, there is a lot of defensive work.

“He can do that and he gets better day by day and maybe one day, he could play it like Phil [Coutinho] could play it in the last half year he was here.”