Chelsea transfer news! 23goal striker set to complete Chelsea transfer

The Blues have failed to retain a major chunk of their players from the football academy club and that has largely affected the amount of money spent for Chelsea transfers.

Taking a look at Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal and other top Guns in European football, they have expended less in the transfer market because some of their players grew through the grades of the club.

Just yesterday, we reported that Chelsea’s youngster Tammy Abraham is uncertain of his future with us following the end of his loan spell with Bristol but reports have emerged that the youngster could join one of his suitors in the Premier League.

Having impressed with Championship side Bristol City, Chelsea are keen to reward the player with a contract extension. However, League holders Leicester City and Everton are in the running for his signature but he’ll only allowed to leave on a loan move.

Most or all of Chelsea transfers have been for established players but this is good enough for our academy. Rashford, who is a product of Man United’s academy has been in blistering form for the club because he was given the chance, players like Tammy should also be given the chance to shine.

Tammy might not be able to start games but he should be given a place in the team like substitute cameos or even the FA Cup. Young players are the future of the club.