Brazilian star delivers latest on completing Chelsea transfer

Brazil and PSG right wing back Dani Alves has revealed he was closed to joining Jose Mourinho in Chelsea, with claims that he also turned down a move to Manchester City.

Alves has had an enviably football career, but his spell in Europe would have been different. Mourinho wanted to sign the player and the Brazilian has recalled how close he was to joining Chelsea during the reign of Jose Mourinho, amidst interest from Manchester City.

He was still lacing his boots for Sevilla when he agreed to move to Chelsea in the summer of 2007. Nonetheless, Chelsea failed to sign him and he stayed put for another season in Sevilla before moving for Barcelona in the following year.

The PSG star has revealed why transpired in his bid to join the Blues.

“I didn’t go to Chelsea because of the club, not because of me,” he told Sky Sports.


“I thought it was done, that I was going there to work with him. I don’t know if he got different information, that I didn’t want to go or whatever, because since then our relationship hasn’t been so good, but it wasn’t my fault. I was convinced that I was going to work with him and form part of his team.”

He joined Chelsea and linked with Spanish tactician Pep Guardiolo, who had a glorious spell with the Blaugranas.

He went on to lavish high praise of Guardiola.

“Guardiola improved me a lot as a footballer,” added Alves. “He taught me a lot of things and that’s why in every interview I’m asked I always say the same thing: He is the best manager that I have worked with.

“He is a genius at key moments. He knows how to let his players know exactly what they should be doing. On many occasions, he was a manager who won us matches. We just had to follow his instructions.”