Arsenal vs Leicester City: Three things we learnt

These are desperate times for Arsenal.

Despite coming-off the game against Leicester City with the three points at stake, Arsenal have remained in sixth position on the table with six games left to be played.

The minimum standard set by Arsenal over the last two decades for themselves is Champions League qualification but their fate regarding that does not only depend on them, they’ll be hoping that the Manchester clubs would falter before the season ends.

The win over the League holders culminated in Arsenal’s third win in five games, but before this, we have suffered heavy defeats to Crystal Palace among four away defeats. A tweak in formation from what used to be norm is responsible for the resurgence.

Wenger has resorted to playing an unconventional 3-4-3 formation, and his team has been buzzing since then. There’s were some talking points in during the game, but we’ll highlight three of them.

Xhaka and Coquelin

Granit Xhaka is easily becoming a the midfielder we all want to see. Last night he was the most effective player on the pitch, he found his teammates with his eagled-eye passes and showed glimpses of one who can be relied on. If Xhaka plays along a skillful midfielder in the stead Cazorla, Arsenal would be more effective.

On a night when your opponents are expected to defend, why would you play a Coquelin who adds little or nothing to the attack. If Coquelin must be played, he should be a marksman in the middle of the park.

Top Four/Champions League qualification

We are four and three points adrift Manchester City and Man United in fourth position and fifth position respectively but the play each other later tonight. Should they draw, they would have increased the points difference by one but if one of them wins, they’ll move further ahead of us on the log, making it a dicing situation for us.

However, we must not focus on the other teams, we play City rivals Tottenham this Sunday but they have not dropped a single point from their last eight League games, which would make them a tough knot to crack. But yes we can.

3-4-3 formation against Tottenham

The 3-4-3 formation has been relatively success since Wenger resorted to it but against Mauricio Pochettino’s men, it may not work. Arsene Wenger’s biggest undoing has been his inability to be dynamic – since he has won all his games using the formation, he may not tweak it again.

Tottenham have been used to this system and you see synergy whenever they play but for Wenger, its still a trial of formation. I hope it works but Wenger must have an open mind to change.




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