Arsenal to agree loan deal for “pass-master”

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has further thrown his Arsenal future into deeper clouds of doubts.

The German midfielder and former Real Madrid star has been a stumbling figure on the pitch for the Gunners this campaign and was immediately dropped out of the line-up that clashed with London rivals Tottenham on Wednesday night.

Unai Emery is tinkering his options at the middle of the park in Arsenaal, but it is understood he is still interested in playing Ozil in the attacking third.

According to club sources, Emery knows Ozil has got a big load of talent and his kind of talent could help Arsenal grapple a top four finish in the Premier League.

However the Spaniard’s decision to make Ozil sit the London derby defeat to Tottenham out, was based on tactical reasons.

Ozil is not his best self on the pitch and Emery has strongly showed that he will not tolerate his feebleness.

If Ozil fails to impress Emery, chances are that he could be shipped out on loan. It is on the Gunners cards and could happen next year.

But if that doesn’t work out, the Gunners could lay him off for a cut-rate fee to interested suitors.

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  1. If reports of Ozil’s wages and contract are accurate, he’s not going anywhere. If he really did sign a four year deal worth over £300,000 per week, even if Arsenal want him gone (which seems unlikely), why would Ozil walk away from at least £15.6 million per year (at least 54.6 million total remaining on the deal as of January)?

    From a practical perspective, there are not many teams who could afford to take him even if Arsenal were willing to give him away on a long-term loan without a fee. Inter Milan would have to blow up their salary structure to bring him in and that seems unlikely. There are a handful of teams that could both afford him and have shown a willingness to pay those kinds of wages; Manchester United, Manchester city, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus. There is also the Chinese League, but Ozil had a chance to go there when he resigned for Arsenal and resigned instead.

    For these reasons Emery is playing a dangerous game with Ozil. So long as the team wins, it will work, but the minute they don’t, leaving your best and highest paid player on the bench to make a point blows up in your face. Ask Jose Mourinho. If United were in the top 3, he could leave Pogba out and no one would care; but languishing in 7th place with an £89 million player not playing? That’s how you get fired. Emery of all people should know this – his inability to manage top-level players (Neymar, Cavani, etc.) is what got him fired at PSG.

    Right now, he’s getting a pass because he’s doing about the same as Arsene Wenger did in his worst season ever. Hmmmm… hard to see how Arsenal in 5th is a success for Emery but a disaster for Wenger; but that’s the take everyone seems to have. As long as he at least matches Wenger’s 6th place, he’s probably fine, but if the Gunners slide and he provokes Ozil into a public pissing contest, Emery could find himself watching Ozil captain the Gunners on TV instead of the sidelines.

    It is hard to understand why, exactly fans dislike Ozil. As was plain enough in the Burnley game, there are passes only he can make. The reverse pass to Iwobi and the perfectly weighted ball to Kolasinac that leg to Auba’s goal show a skill that few players anywhere can match. A few other times he made brilliant passes and nothing came of them because his teammates cannot match his quality, but on a better side, they would have ended in goals or at least chances.

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