Adrien Rabiot to Chelsea likely in the summer

Chelsea will need to clear the clutter that’s piled up at the middle of the park when summer transfer window is here.

The west Londoners have struggled to find good rhythm from the centre, up, bragging enough numbers in possession, but wasting clear cut chances.

Jorginho has come under intense fire and criticism over his sloppy game play. Sarri in like manner has been slapped with cutting remarks and insults in his inability to tweak things at the centre until recently.

Though, for now, it is hard to park Jorginho aside given how much he brings to the game, and with Cesc Fabregas gone, Chelsea may have to hunt for a deep-lying midfielder. N’golo Kante would have fitted perfectly, but the Frenchman has been push further away to the right.

A greenlight however has appeared ahead. Paris Saint-Germain star Adrien Rabiot could be the fix-it-all player for Chelsea. He’s a more dynamic player than Jorginho given how fast he is on the ball, and a rather sharper, and more acute sense of vision than the Italian.

Rabiot’s contract expires this summer after refusing to sign a deal at the club. The French midfielder has been linked with a number of clubs and Chelsea are included in that lot.

Blues could have him for a cut-price deal if he decides to walk off as a free at the end of the season. But they will have to fend off a strong competition from Juventus and Barcelona who are keen on the 23-year-old.