Aaron Ramsey’s agent make exit confirmation statement for player

Aaron Ramsey’s agent has tacitly confirmed the imminent departure of the player from Arsenal, this is according to rife reports.

Arsenal reportedly withdrew their offer for the player following weeks on dilly dallying over talks of an improved contract.

He is holding out for a significant payrise like the one offered to Alexis Sanchez before his departure and Mesut Ozil, who later signed the deal. The Gunners have refused to accede to his demand and he could be sold in January or allowed to leave as a free agent in the summer.

Avid Sports & Entertainment Group are the representative of the player whose agent is David Baldwin and they revealed through a tweet that the player’s departure is imminent as they could do nothing about the impasse in talks.

There is nothing we can do, the club made a decision. Life goes on.

“[The grass] isn’t always greener and he didn’t want to leave, but now there is no other option.” According to London Standard.

Ramsey is currently the longest serving player of Arsenal. To allow him leave would raise question over the club’s desire to keep the experienced players of the club.

He is not short of suitors – we hear that Liverpool are lurking around the Emirates to monitor the situation of the Welsh midfielder and they could make an offer for him in January,