24-year-old defender wants to play for Chelsea

Stamford Bridge is a terrific atmosphere and definitely the best ground to mould upcomers into great potentials.

And 24-year-old Baba Rahman, currently on loan at German club Schalke is not indifferent about it.

The Ghanaian akin Chelsea to one of the best top tier club in the world and is eyeing a return to Stamford Bridge after Schalke career.

Rahman who join Chelsea during Mourinho’s stretch at the club hinted he would enjoying donning the Blues shirt.

He said in an interview with German outlet Spox that playing for Chelsea will remain etched on his mind, however things at Schalke are kicked off smoothly.

“You can never say where football will guide you to. Maybe I stay for the next 10 years at Schalke but I also can imagine playing for Chelsea again. But at the moment I don’t think about these things, I’m really happy at Schalke,”

Playing in front of a massive crowd will nudge you to forge ahead, “which makes me incredibly good in my development.”.

He said: At Schalke, I am now regularly in front of 60,000 spectators on the pitch, which makes me incredibly good in my development,”

“That’s right. The group consists of loanees and employees of the association, who take care of the boys who are currently away.”